Sony high speed sync with any light

Sony HVL F43m External Flash

Sony high speed sync with any light

High speed sync is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but is not that well documented when wanting to make it happen with your Sony camera.

If you are reading this i’m sure you already know what HSS is so i’m not going to bother explaining it or when and why you would want to use it.

The first one I will cover and also the easiest is using high speed sync with the Sony external flash units.

First thing you need to do is on the flash unit itself go into the settings and enable HSS.

Once you have done this the thing that may be preventing you from getting it to work is that you need to tilt the flash head directly forward before it will switch into HSS mode. “The same as in the image of the flash in this post”

On the camera you don’t need to do anything special, just crank up your shutter speed and it will automatically be in high speed sync mode.

The next one which is slightly more tricky is getting high speed sync with studio strobes.

If anyone has found a way to make this work with a cable trigger I’d love to hear how but I myself have only managed to do it with a hack or with some triggers which I will tell you about shortly.

The first method, the hack that I managed to get working was to do the method above getting the external Sony flash into HSS mode and then setting the studio strobes to be triggered by light.

When the Sony flash fires it triggers the studio flashes but only seems to sync up to around 1/2000 of a second before things get really dark.

It’s also really messy having a large external flash attached to the camera when working in the studio but if you are desperate you can do this.

The better method for doing this is to get your hands on some really inexpensive Pixel Opas wireless transceivers for Sony.

These triggers will trick your camera into thinking that you have attached a Sony flash and tilted it all the way forward and will have the camera switch into HSS mode, it will sync all the way up to 1/8000 of a second!

The only drawback with these is that as you can see from the image above it has the old style proprietary Sony connector on it.

To use is with any of the Sony camera’s with the standard hotshoe you will need to buy an adapter as below.

There are non Sony adapters on the market however with the one I have tested it does not work for this because it does not have all the required circuitry in the device.

It will still trigger a flash but does not set the camera into HSS mode so if you are going to be using the Opus Pixel triggers I would suggest just getting the Sony hotshoe adapter to rule out any possible compatibility issues.


  • Milind Kulkarni
    Posted at 15:14h, 06 August Reply

    I have Sony SLT-A58 camera, a Godox AD200 HSS flash (external), Godox X!T-s trigger. The problem is, I cannot use this gear for HSS, and I get black bands on the photographs beyond 1/250 shutter (sync) speed. How to over come this issue.

    Plz guide.


    • Shane Devlin
      Posted at 21:25h, 07 August Reply

      Hi Milind,

      I don’t think the Godox trigger supports HSS with the Sony SLT-A58, as far as i’m aware HSS is only supported with the A7R bodies.


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