How to get published in a magazine

How to get published in a magazine

You may be asking yourself the question how can you get yourself published in a magazine or what magazines are out there that will accept photo submissions from photographers. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of online magazines now days some purely online some only online and some in print and online.

First thing you need to be aware of before going down this path is to have the clear expectation that 99% of magazines no longer pay for photo’s, those days are long gone.

The only thing you get from having your work published in a magazine is exposure and the proof to yourself and others that your work is at a level where magazines are happy to publish it, and that you have climbed to the top of your game. Of course it is possible that it will open new doors for work but that is not a guarantee.

So enough on the reasoning and onto the list of magazines accepting photo submissions.

Below is a list of magazines accepting fashion and or beauty photo submissions.

What you need to do before you submit anything is to do some research on the magazine and their content.

Check to see if they have an editorial calendar and if they do plan your shoot so that you can provide content relevant to their upcoming theme.

Make sure that your content and more so style / look /feel ¬†matches that of the magazine, if you don’t do this you are just wasting your and their time.

Last but not least, have a really thick skin because you will most likely have to deal with some to a lot of rejection, it’s a really competitive market.

This is not all that there is out there but is definitely a good place to get started and also from the best selection.

Below is a list of magazines I recommend you do not submit your photos to because they are a rip off, don’t have any benefit for the photographer and want to charge you for your submissions.

As a photographer you have to already put in the time and effort and money to put together a shoot so why should you pay the magazine to use your photos that help them to keep them operating.

If anyone has has anything to add please leave it in the comments ..

Avoid these magazines at all costs ..




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