Shane Devlin is a visual artist based in Sydney, Australia

Shane specialize’s in

Commercial Beauty & Portraits

Internationally published beauty photographer

Commercial Retouching

Post processing or “retouching” is where the fine tuning of the images is performed, this can make or break the image but when done correctly the end result is unparalled beauty combined with realistic skin tones and textures

  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to shoot with your flash off the camera, but not sure where to start or maybe wondering why would you even bother? If you are wondering why do people bother, simpl...

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  • If you are new to or wanting to get started in flash photography it can all be a little bit daunting. How many lights do you need, which modifier should you use, how much power, and so it goes on. The...

  • As with every other topic, there is a lot on the internet voicing various opinions on which lens is the best, which camera brand, what combination of lens and camera / model etc you should be using. T...

  • This is possibly one of the most asked questions and has a relatively simple answer, however before you can answer the question you need to ask yourself a question first. What will be your primary sub...

  • This is a really hot debate that there are already thousands of topics and arguments about it online . So which one is really better and why? To answer the question you need to first decide on what yo...


Shane Devlin specialises in high end beauty photography and is based in Sydney,Australia. Shane has been published in multiple international beauty and fashion magazines and continues to produce beautiful and inspiring content in this space.

End to End

Concept, makeup & hair, lighting & posing, talent sourcing & management, post processing

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